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Consciousness in krishnamurti`s Teachiings

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Pointers to Consciousness
Ø Consciousness is made up of its content.

Ø Without the content consciousness as we know it does not exist.

Ø The content of consciousness is put together by thought.

Ø Thought is a material process and therefore is limited.

Ø So consciousness is always limited.

Ø Any action of consciousness trying to go beyond itself is still a limitation.

Ø Unless there is a radical mutation in consciousness, outward activities will bring about more mischief, more sorrow and more confusion.

Ø Only a complete mutation in consciousness will bring about a new world, a new civilization, a new way of living and a new relationship between man and man.

Ø The ending of the content of consciousness is radical mutation.

Ø The mutation in consciousness is the ending of time, which is the ending of the “me” which has been produced through time.

Ø To bring about mutation in consciousness a totally different kind of energy is required.

Ø The mind must be totally devoid of thought, so that there is observation without idea; such observation gives the tremendous energy for mutation.

Ø As long as the division between the observer and the observed exists there can be no radical mutation of consciousness.

Ø If you observe the process of thinking and do not become an observer apart from the observed, if you see the whole movement of thought without accepting or condemning it, then that very observation puts an immediate end to thought. The mind is then compassionate; it is in a state of constant mutation.

Ø When there is pure observation of any problem there is a transformation, a mutation, in the very structure of the brain cells.

Ø When one fundamentally, deeply brings about a mutation, then that mutation affects the whole consciousness of man.

Ø Consciousness, then, is totally different…. Perhaps we won’t even use that word consciousness…. It is of a totally different dimension….A dimension which exists naturally….You cannot speculate about that dimension.

Source; KFI ,sahyadri reference material.

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Astavakra and J.Krishnamurti

It is not in sync with the philosophy of J.Krishnamurti to compare it with other philosophies or scriptures.Rightly so, as the cornerstone of the philosophy is to be light unto oneself with an emphasis on seeing the truth or actuality as he used to say, oneself.In fact very categorically he said that dont believe because he said so but lets do the journey of introspection step bt step together.Belief being conditioning belong to the field of knowledge and thought and hence is not fresh whereas understanding borne out of attention leads to ending of time,ending of sorrow,ending of fear and death of psychological me.The whole philosophy is then to unravel the genesis of psychological me and the unreality of observer.

Therefore this article of comparative nature is not intended to backtest the philosophy or validate it because scriptures said so.It is just marvellous to observe the truth of what is being said 5000 years apart. Truth has to be one and the same and therefore no prize for guessing its the same.In fact if it is not identical then there is something to question.This blog just attempts to amazingly look at the way of teaching over two different era.The language is different, the approach is different,the vocabulary has changed and yet it says the same.Astavakra is in the form of dialugues between this ancient sage and King janaka of mahabharata fame.It is in the form of short sanskrit slokas and basically rests on splendour of non dual self as taintless and timeless from which the universe is reflected just as in mirror.

J,Krishnamurti`s style is traversing the journey together with the listener and make him see the truth factually.Lets see it from the view of core messages spoken by both of them.

J.K : Observer is observed. Observer sees for himself that he is not different from the observation and that he has emerged as a seperate stream by the virtue of thinking process.Seeing the falsity of observer is all.Then there is a different dimension. Thinker is thought and analyser is analysed

Astavakra:You are the one seer of all and surely ever free.This indeed is your bondage that you see seer differently.. The triple category of Knower,knowledge and object of knowledge doesnot exist in reality..It is in myself without attributes the triad becomes manifest due to ignorance.
When you analyse it, cloth is found to be just thread. In the same way, when all this is analysed it is found to be no other than oneself.Waves, foam and bubbles do not differ from water. In the same way, all this which has emanated from oneself, is no other than oneself.

J.K. : Man, in order to escape his conflicts, has invented many forms of meditation. These have been based on desire, will, and the urge for achievement, and imply conflict and a struggle to arrive. This conscious, deliberate striving is always within the limits of a conditioned mind, and in this there is no freedom. All effort to meditate is the denial of meditation. Meditation is the ending of thought. It is only then that there is a different dimension which is beyond time

Astavakra: You are non-dual, non-active and Self-effulgent. That you practise meditation, this, indeed, is your bondage. The Supreme Silence of wisdom transcends any effort of thought of conceptualization.
You are really unbound and actionless, self-illuminating and spotless already. The cause of your bondage is that you are still resorting to stilling the mind.

J.K:Choiceless Awareness is real freedom.There is no real freedom when there is choice.when there choice theere is psychological me present preventing freedom. Along as me is present there is fear and sorrow.Conflict and anxiety.First step is the last step- that is freedom from the self.

Astavakra:I am like the ocean and this phenomenal world is like its waves With such an understanding there is neither acceptance nor rejection nor dissolution.Oh, I am pure consciousness.
Desire and anger are objects of the mind, but the mind is not yours, nor ever has been. You are choiceless, awareness itself and unchanging - so live happily.
The emancipated one has neither aversion nor craving for objects of senses.With his detached mind he enjoys equally what is attained and what is not attained.
Bondage is when the mind longs for something, grieves about something, rejects something, holds on to something, is pleased about something or displeased about something.
When there is no "me" that is liberation, and when there is "me" there is bondage. Consider this carefully, and neither hold on to anything nor reject anything.

J.K.: Intelligence, love and compassion exists where thought ceases.Love has no opposite.It is not the opposite of hate .Non violence is not the opposite of violence.Where there is compassion there is no violence.
Astavakra: Self is pure non dual consciousness full of bliss and void of attributes.Self is above pair of opposites.

J.K: Burn all the books even my books.No guru can give you deliverance .You are light unto yourself.
Astavakra:To me ,siva and unconditioned what is teaching and scripture ,what is disciple and what is master and what is ultimate goal of life.
My son, you may recite or listen to countless scriptures, but you will not be established within until you can forget everything.
If even Shiva, Vishnu or the lotus-born Brahma were your instructor, until you have forgotten everything you cannot be established within.

J.K.: Thought is fragmentary.It divides thinker and the thought.Where there is division there is conflict.When thought ceases there is an immensity which is not a product of mind.It is sacred.
Astavakra:Self is indivisible,immutable,self abiding ,serene,blissful,formless,supreme and pure.

Take any random slokas from astavakra and it will have a corresponding quotable quote from krishnamurti.As mentioned earlier this excercise doesnot validate anything for truth is self validated by definition.
The only difference is in connotation of certain words.Like for krishnamurti consciousness is defined as content of consciousness and astavakra defines consciousness as pure cosmic life giving taintless energy.Krishnamurti has refrained from defining pure consciousness as by definition it defies description.That which is immense and nameless cannot be described in words.
" Consciousness, then, is totally different…. Perhaps we won’t even use that word consciousness…. It is of a totally different dimension….A dimension which exists naturally….You cannot speculate about that dimension. "

Beyond The Mind

This is a book review of Beyond The Mind by Dada Gavand.
This book is a very interesting conversation with eight successful people in the US.In a very direct and warm dialogues with a seeker, a family man, a woman, a wealthy person, a researcher,an artist. a psychotherapist and a meditator the marvels of life are revealed.
What is meditation? How does one deal with emotional problems, are woman less suitable towards spirituality due to their emotions? How does a professional conduct himself, awaken his spirituality,live in this world and yet remain out of mind-thought activity?He puts it beautifully in his poem:

Freedom From Time:
Life has gathered Dust on the Way
During Her Centuries of Travelling Time.
Particles of the Dust
Have Developed into a Mountain
Which calls itself ‘I’~ The Mind.

This Dusty mold
Of millions of yesterdays Past
Is an Imposition and
Burden upon Life Energy.
Freedom from this
Dusty mountain of Past
Is the Purification and
Liberation of Life.

Life Fulfills itself
Through its own

Key takeaway:

Disquietude is nothing but ceaseless thought activity. We try to quieten one thought with another idea, which then becomes a fight between two opposing thoughts. This way we remain in the same field of mind. This creates seeking, which is nothing but a struggle and conflict. We may hang on to some words, pictures, mantras, but again it is an idea, a seeking of the mind. The mind will never lead us to quietude. We start chanting mechanically, and again it becomes a habit of the mind. So we are never free from thought. The spirit is a quality of a new dimension, and thought has to resign for the spirit to come in.In other words When there is quietitude,when there is no seeker there is unleashng of whole energy which is life.

His Message:

One needs to look at everything that moves within the field of mind. This must not be a superficial inquiry but one carried out with one’s entire being. One has to be watchful to catch every thought as it arises – follow its trajectory – how it comes up, moves and ends. Then one will begin to realize that the entire movement of thought is habitual and mechanical.Only through attentive watchfulness will this mechanical and compulsive movement of thought, lose its momentum and finally come to an end. In such ending one will discover a mysterious momentum of quietude.If one wants peace, creativity and love, one has to undertake this inward journey. One may be clever, but mere cleverness will not lead to that state of peace and ecstasy which is the very basis of life.

At present, the mind has become a storehouse of the past – of information and knowledge gathered from books, classrooms etc and used cleverly again and again. All our thoughts and ideas come from stored information which is always of the past. So the mind is an expression of the old, the past, though it works so cleverly and so fast that it appears to be just in the present.
Life, the living quality, functions in the present, in the twinkling momentum of the ‘now’. Thought cannot touch this dynamic momentum which is very spontaneous and intuitive. The past cannot touch the present. One needs a fresh, intuitive consciousness to meet Life – not second- hand ideas based on memory, on the past.One has to wait within in silence, in the state of innocence and anonymity. The mind activity has to remain absolutely quiet without the interference of thought. Such a silent state of thought-less-ness and not-knowing alone invites something of a higher dimension to give the experience of that which is Timeless.

In a way Dada talks more directly and serves in a ready to eat package what J.Krishnamurti has tried to teach through his talks.Basically he talks about freedom from the known and ending of time and I as a past memory and watchful attentiveness.It is good in the sense it is clear and direct.There is no going around it in a conundrum.The flip side is that it may fail to provoke enough and drive the urgency to be light unto oneself.Once the intellectual curiousity is fulfilled mind may get back to its old game.Whilst J.Krishnamurto would tear one apart into the conundrum step by step without ready answers.Dada gives the answers wheras J.K enables the reader to derive answers.

Dattaram Gavand, a mystic, traveller and photographer, was born in Mumbai in 1917. The eldest child of his parents, he came to be called Dada or elder brother.

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Not Because Krishnamurti Said So


Freedom is not in becoming.Freedom is being.Not because J.Krishnamurti said so.It is so damn obvious.Only a brain dead cannot see it.

Where does the real freedom lie? Does it lie in choice? What is real freedom and how is it obtained?.Scriptures talk about reality and illusion and how man is a slave to his illusions.Krishnaji talk about real freedom as freedom from known .To ordinary people like us either there is irreverence to such words with no meaning whatsoever or there is a reverence borne out of tradition for such a concept.Because it is said so and it sounds good or respectful there must be some truth in it.Scarcely do we endeavour sincerely ourselves to delve in the significance of such words or test the hypothesis ourselves by closely watching it step by step, moment to moment in our daily life.
Firstly, we need to define freedom.There is almost a contradiction in what we say as freedom and what actually freedom is. For instance we feel affordability to spend or ability to dominate or respectful position in society as freedom.To some being their own boss or a general flexibility in life is freedom.To most ability to choose is freedom.However in all such defined freedom there is a compulsion.If we observe very very minutely there is a compulsion to act in a particular manner.For instance action based on desire to achieve something, most of the time tangible materialistic accumulations.Or else there is ubiquitous demand to win societal approbation.A self cherished position in the heirarchy in any given structure such as school,university,jobplace and so on.Every step we take , every breath we take is motivated most of the time towards self enhancement.Is being a servant to self aggrandising freedom? There is after a while in human life a monotonous ,boring repetetive life driven by a strong propelling force thrusting oneself into an upward spiral of society.Either one is aspirant and a slave to those aspirations or one has reasonably achieved and is a slave to maintain it or enhance it further.
It is so involuntory, so addictive , so compulsive and so deeply ingrained in the DNA that one is oblivious to the fact that day by day we are ceating our prison brick by brick.In that prison is imprisoned our true freedom.Unfortunately despite a lot of trauma that it brings people are attracted to live a bonded life for the apparent comfort and momentary pleasures.Therefore despite understanding that happiness cannot be a function of external variables the lure of trap is huge.Almost like the force of gravity.In the allegorical movie Matrix, the charecter Cypher who is a freedom fighter having come out of illusory world of Matrix,gets tired and yearns to go back to the unreal world of matrix.He says" Ignorance is Bliss" when betrays Neo their leader to Agent Smith, the machine simulated perpetrator.Therefore the path to real freedom is fraught with initial hardship especially as a human we are conditioned by birth and society to respond in a particular manner which is habit forming response.Only a very very attentive choiceless observation reveals in its true naked (un)glory the motivations of self.How there is a constant pressure to perform, to achieve, to compare, to compete and to win.Is action based on winning a freedom or action driven choicelessly by carefree being not wanting to prove anything real freedom? It is in flying like jonathan livingstone seagull.It is soaring high with no nobody above or nobody below though every body is around . It is racing in life with nobody .The winning post is not set by anybody.There are no benchmarks in that heaven of freedom in the land of dream.
There is a zen koan about a master who is hit by a stick on the street by a mischiefmonger.The master gets up and offers the mischief monger his stick back.The followers are astounded.This is the mind of a sage: not choosing,not asking,not saying this should be and this shouldnot be.Whatsoever happens he accepts it in its totality.This acceptance gives him freedom.This acceptance gives him the capacity to see.These are I diseases: shoulds, should nots.divisions,judgements,condemnations and appreciation.
Freedom is not in becoming .Freedom is being.Not because krishnamurti said so.It is so damn obvious.Only a braindead cannot see it.

Pondering on Koan

Kōans originate in the sayings and doings of sages and legendary figures, usually those authorized to teach in a lineage that regards Bodhidharma (c. 5th-6th century) as its ancestor. Kōans are said to reflect the enlightened or awakened state of such persons, and sometimes said to confound the habit of discursive thought or shock the mind into awareness. Zen teachers often recite and comment on kōans, and some Zen practitioners concentrate on kōans during meditation. Teachers may probe such students about their kōan practice using "checking questions" to validate an experience of insight (kensho) or awakening. Responses by students have included actions or gestures, "capping phrases" (jakugo), and verses inspired by the kōan.
Appropriate responses to a kōan may vary according to circumstances; different teachers may demand different responses to a given kōan, and a fixed answer cannot be correct in every circumstance. One of the most common recorded comments by a teacher on a disciple's answer is: "Even though that is true, if you do not know it yourself it does you no good." The master is looking not for an answer in a specific form, but for evidence that the disciple has actually grasped the state of mind expressed by the kōan itself.
Thus, though there may be so-called "traditional answers" (kenjo) to many kōans, these are only preserved as exemplary answers given in the past by various masters during their own training. In reality, any answer could be correct, provided that it conveys proof of personal realization. Kōan training can only be done with a qualified teacher who has the "eye" to see a disciple's depth of attainment. In the Rinzai Zen school, which uses kōans extensively, the teacher certification process includes an appraisal of proficiency in using that school's extensive kōan curriculum.

A kōan may be used as a test of a Zen student's ability. For monks in formal training, and for some laypersons, a teacher invokes a kōan and demands some definite response from a student during private interviews.(wikipedia)

If you see the buddha ,kill it.Its a famous kaon.
Some interesting Kaons:

A Cup of Tea
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.
Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!"
"Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

Kitano Gempo, abbot of Eihei temple, was ninety-two years old when he passed away in the year 1933. He endeavored his whole like not to be attached to anything. As a wandering mendicant when he was twenty he happened to meet a traveler who smoked tobacco. As they walked together down a mountain road, they stopped under a tree to rest. The traveler offered Kitano a smoke, which he accepted, as he was very hungry at the time.
"How pleasant this smoking is," he commented. The other gave him an extra pipe and tobacco and they parted.
Kitano felt: "Such pleasant things may disturb meditation. Before this goes too far, I will stop now." So he threw the smoking outfit away.
When he was twenty-three years old he studied I-King, the profoundest doctrine of the universe. It was winter at the time and he needed some heavy clothes. He wrote his teacher, who lived a hundred miles away, telling him of his need, and gave the letter to a traveler to deliver. Almost the whole winter passed and neither answer nor clothes arrived. So Kitano resorted to the prescience of I-King, which also teaches the art of divination, to determine whether or not his letter had miscarried. He found that this had been the case. A letter afterwards from his teacher made no mention of clothes.
"If I perform such accurate determinative work with I-King, I may neglect my meditation," felt Kitano. So he gave up this marvelous teaching and never resorted to its powers again.
When he was twenty-eight he studied Chinese calligraphy and poetry. He grew so skillful in these arts that his teacher praised him. Kitano mused: "If I don't stop now, I'll be a poet, not a Zen teacher." So he never wrote another poem.

The Dead Man's Answer
When Mamiya, who later became a well-known preacher, went to a teacher for personal guidance, he was asked to explain the sound of one hand.
Mamiya concentrated upon what the sound of one hand might be. "You are not working hard enough," his teacher told him. "You are too attached to food, wealth, things, and that sound. It would be better if you died. That would solve the problem."
The next time Mamiya appeared before his teacher he was again asked what he had to show regarding the sound of one hand. Mamiya at once fell over as if he were dead.
"You are dead all right," observed the teacher, "But how about that sound?"
"I haven't solved that yet," replied Mamiya, looking up.
"Dead men do not speak," said the teacher. "Get out!"

Sound of one Hand Clapping
Osho : If you have heard about Zen masters... they go on telling their disciples to go and meditate, meditate on the sound of one hand clapping. We can create a sound by clapping two hands. Zen masters say to their disciples, ”Go and find out that sound which comes out of only one hand: the clapping of one hand, not with anything else.”
We know this is absurd. A sound can come only with conflict, with two things clashing. Two hands can create sound, not one hand. Zen masters also know that, but still they have been giving this meditation for centuries. From Buddha up to now, Zen masters go on giving it. They know, their disciples know, that this is absurd. Then what is the significance? One has to watch, meditate, and move towards a sound which is already there, which is not created. That is the meaning of the sound of one hand.

The sound of one hand
Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one hand?
Hakuin Ekaku
"...in the beginning a monk first thinks a kōan is an inert object upon which to focus attention; after a long period of consecutive repetition, one realizes that the kōan is also a dynamic activity, the very activity of seeking an answer to the kōan. The kōan is both the object being sought and the relentless seeking itself. In a kōan, the self sees the self not directly but under the guise of the kōan...When one realizes ("makes real") this identity, then two hands have become one. The practitioner becomes the kōan that he or she is trying to understand. That is the sound of one hand." — G. Victor Sogen Hori, Translating

If you meet the Buddha, kill him.
If you are thinking about Buddha, this is thinking and delusion, not awakening. One must destroy preconceptions of the Buddha. Zen master Shunryu Suzuki wrote in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind during an introduction to Zazen, "Kill the Buddha if the Buddha exists somewhere else. Kill the Buddha, because you should resume your own Buddha nature."

Mind of a Sage
Osho : One Zen monk, Bokuju, was passing through a street in a village. Somebody came and struck him with a stick. He fell down, and with him, the stick also. He got up and picked up the stick. The man who had hit him was running away. Bokuju ran after him, calling, ”Wait, take your stick with you!”
He followed after him and gave him the stick. A crowd had gathered to see what was happening, and somebody asked Bokuju, ”That man struck you hard, and you have not said anything!”
Bokuju is reported to have said, ”A fact is a fact. He has hit, that’s all. It happened that he was the hitter and I was the hit. It is just as if I am passing under a tree, or sitting under a tree, and a branch falls down. What will I do? What can I do?”
But the crowd said, ”But a branch is a branch, this is a man. We cannot say anything to the branch, we cannot punish it. We cannot say to the tree that it is bad, because a tree is a tree, it has no mind.”
Bokuju said, ”This man to me is also just a branch. And if I cannot say anything to the tree, why should I bother to say anything to this man? It happened. I am not going to interpret what has happened. And it has already happened. Why get worried about it? It is finished, over.”
This is the mind of a sage – not choosing, not asking, not saying this should be and this should not be. Whatsoever happens, he accepts it in its totality. This acceptance gives him freedom, this acceptance gives him the capacity to see. These are eye diseases: shoulds, should nots, divisions, judgments, condemnations, appreciations.
Source: from book “Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi” by Osho

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Extracts from Krishnamurti`s Teachings

You are the World
"You and the world are not two different entities with separate problems; you and the world are one. You may be the result of certain tendencies, on environmental influences, but you are not different fundamentally from another. Inwardly we are very much alike; we are all driven by greed, ill will, fear, ambition, and so on..."
manOrganised Religions
"[Organized religion] separates from man. You are a Muslim, I am a Hindu, another is a Christian or a Buddhist - and we are wrangling, butchering each other. Is there any truth in that?"
Your God is not God
"The mind is the product of the past, it is the result of yesterday, and can such a mind be open to the unknown? It can only project an image, but that projection is not real; so your God is not God - it is an image of your own making..."
The Mirror of Relationship
"... if one can just look into this mirror [of relationship] with full attention and see actually what is, be aware of it without condemnation, without judgement, without evaluation...then one will find that the mind is capable of freeing itself from all conditioning; and it is only then that the mind is free to discover that which lies beyond the field of thought"
"Self-knowledge comes into being when we are aware of ourselves in relationship, which show what we are from moment to moment."
Being Related
"In a world of vast organizations, vast mobilizations of people, mass movements, we are afraid to act on a small scale; we are afraid to be little people clearing up our own patch... and the small scale is the "me" and the "you". When I understand myself, I understand you, and out of that understanding comes love."
Love and Observation
"I must love the very thing I am studying. If you want to understand a child, you must love and not condemn him. You must play with him, watch his movements, his idiosyncrasies, his ways of behaviour; but if you merely condemn, resist, or blame him, there is no comprehension of the child. Similarly, to understand what is, one must observe what one thinks, feels, and does from moment to moment. That is the actual."
Face the Fact
"I'm in sorrow...and I have an idea about it: what I should do, what I should not do, how it should be changed. That idea, that formula, that concept prevents me from looking at the fact of what is."
"Because the human being is incapable of meeting the fact of violence, he has invented the ideal of non-violence, which prevents him from dealing with the fact."
"Learning is one thing and acquiring knowledge is another. Learning is a continuous process, not a process of addition, not a process which you gather and then from there act."
"Truth or understanding comes in a flash, and that flash has no continuity; it is not within the field of time."
Self Knowing and Meditation
"Without knowing yourself, do what you will, there cannot possibly be the state of meditation. I mean by "self-knowing", knowing every thought, every mood, every word, every feeling... And merely to try to meditate without first establishing deeply, irrevocably, that virtue which comes about through self-knowing is utterly deceptive and absolutely useless."
"So, to meditate is to purge the mind of its self-centered activity. And if you have come this far in meditation, you will find there is silence, a total emptiness. The mind is uncontaminated by society; it is no longer subject to any influence, to the pressure of any desire. It is completely alone, and being alone, untouched it is innocent. Therefore there is a possibility for that which is timeless, eternal, to come into being. This whole process is meditation."
The Religious Man
"The religious man is he who does not belong to any religion, to any nation, to any race, who is inwardly completely alone, in a state of not-knowing, and for him the blessing of the sacred comes into being."
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In Seeing Is Ending

If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation." "The little book on LIVING: J.Krishnamurti

The core of J krishnamurti`s philosophy is to be aware.A man of awareness carries no cargo.He is unburdened.To be aware about one`s cravings and aversions.How cravings lead to attachment and continuity of pleasure seeking.How aversion leads to violent behaviour.How thought creates "me "which is nothing but psychological time.It is continuity of past modified to the present and projected towards future.Such a process create a life of regret,discontent,conflict and disequilibrium.In the sense that one is always restless towards better tomorrow.When time ends there is a different propelling force.The momentum of life is governed by a choiceless action.Such awareness is brought about by attention and the same is not to be mistaken with concentration.A man is light unto himself and no amount of reading can deliver him from ignorance nor can guru offer deliverance.At the most guru can point a finger and the rest is on the individual .It is so clear when one is attentive in which one can see himself naked in the mirror of relationship with the world.The hidden motives, the cunningness of self,the self flattery that is sought, the repugnance to inconvenient truth,the vulnerability and fragility of self to insults( basically other people`s opinion about you,the projection of self etc can be seen emerging in the mind.To see this one has to be choiceless and non judgemental then the designs of mind can be seen taking shape.In that one can see that there is myriad web of relationship between images.Image of oneself.Image of others.Image of what others think about you and so on.It is a conflicting cobweb.There is no real relationship or real living.Real freedom is the emancipation of self from rigors of compulsive mind.How cleverly mind enslaves and any attempt to free oneself is futile because mind trap cannot free itself from the trap.Like knife cannot cut itself.In order to quell mind one has to choicelessly observe the shenanigans of mind.In that observer sees that observation and observer are the same.Perceiver is perception.Thinker is thought and analyser is analysed.In that lies true freedom because on seeing there is ending .Thats the moment of insight.Any action from that insight is freed of self interest and has to be therefore right action. In his own words:Insight is not an act of remembrance, the continuation of memory. Insight is like a flash of light. You see with absolute clarity, all the complications, the consequences, the intricacies. Then this very insight is action, complete. In that there are no regrets, no looking back, no sense of being weighed down, no discrimination. This is pure, clear insight - perception without any shadow of doubt.

Love, compassion and intelligence belong to that ground of being which is not from the field of thought.He called it Freedom from the Known.A life free of conflict and unconditioned by established notions.Again most of what he preaches is not one way discourse but an attempt to handhold listeners to see the actuality of truth himself.It is therefore not based on belief system but is on realising oneself.Is there a scientific background to this thinking? Lots and well supported by eminent scientists in enormous dialogues with K when he was alive.

In his dialogues with Dr Bohm in Ending of Time there is exploration whether brain cells can mutate and if it does then there is hope for mankind.Today modern science corroborate that brain cells can mutate at any age.Quantum physics say that matter can be either wave or particle and the choice is made on observation.Accordingly, matter when under observation undergoes a change.If so brain under choiceless observation can undergo a change. Then phenonmenon such as envy, greed and competetion undergo a natural, spontaneous change.There is no changer at work.Change happens when the changer realises he is not seperate from the changed(envy,greed etc)

Attention is to be attentive to thoughts as it emerges and thats true meditation.Meditation is not sitting crosslegged and trying to catch tthoughts and supress it.Meditation is not a game of catch me if you can with thoughts.In a lighter vein there goes a joke on meditation.There are three monks, who had been sitting in deep meditation for many years amidst the Himalayan snow peaks, never speaking a word, in utter silence. One morning, one of the three suddenly speaks up and says, ‘What a lovely morning this is.’ And he falls silent again. Five years of silence pass, when all at once the second monk speaks up and says, ‘But we could do with some rain.’ There is silence among them for another five years, when suddenly the third monk says, ‘Why can’t you two stop chattering?”
.It is obliteration of thoughts by attention.Content and consciousness is the same when content is emptied there is living.Then consciousness as we know it doesnot exist.It is different dimension where the psychological" me " is absent.He beautifully described it as Living is dying to every moment.When you do so there is no baggage of past.There is no self image to be serviced nor there is any need to conform against will.No conformity,no peer pressure .How does one do it? Self-knowledge is not knowing oneself, but knowing every movement of thought. Because the self is the thought, the image, the image of K and the image of the `me.' So, watch every movement of thought, never letting one thought go without realizing what it is. Try it. Do it and you will see what takes place.
Masters, gurus, teachers, cannot help to free thought from its own self-imposed bondage and suffering; neither ceremonies, nor priests, nor organizations, can liberate thought from its attachments, fears, cravings; these may force it into a new mould and shape it, but thought can free itself only through its own critical awareness and self-reliance. (J.K.)

Where does God and religion stand in the life of man? Conventional religion is highly conditioning and sets man in another loop of self enhancement.It may be palliative, it may prescribe certain right truism like not to be angry etc but may not help deliverance.God and God`s Grace ascend when when there is no seeking.When psychological me and its chattering stops there is ending of time.In that attention there is no experiencing,there is silence which is not induced by any mantra or disciplined approach. It happens outside the fielld ofthought.Sacred is that which is not touched by anything manmade.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Its not a Groundhog day anymore

Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated onFeb 2 in the US and Canada.According to folklore, if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day fails to see its shadow, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will soon end. If on the other hand, the groundhog sees its shadow, the groundhog will supposedly retreat into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeksThats the the background of the movie by Harold Ramis in which the protoganist ,a TV news reporter finds himself struggling day in and day out.Actually he is caught in a time loop and finds that everyday is the same day.He has to do reporting ad infinitum ,ad nauseum with similar situations and same set of people.If he doesnot do reporting he still finds himself condemned to the same day as he wakes up each morning and everything repeats itself predictably.In frustration he does every conceivable self destructive behaviour including an attempt to suicide but finds himself waking up to the same day.In short he is trapped in the time loop.He finds himself isolated and alienated as people around him donot have any memory of his existence as each day is FEB 2, the groundhogday.
The whole movie is about how he discovers that each day is not the same day and that each day can be a new day.Inthe process he finds meaning of life,his love in his life and the satisfaction of alleviating other people`s suffering.Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMtWAcVy6-w
So why am I writing about GroundHog day on a blog suppossedly to be more serious and labeled metaphysics?.What has philosophy got to do with a comedy hollywood movie?
The movie is a clever metaphor to the daily grind of living that each individual is condemned to live.One makes a brave attempt to battle it out or seemingly indulge in escapist fare to give an illusion of happiness.Is there a true freedom in the way we live life conforming to a pattern of earning and becoming on a day to day basis.Are we not trapped in a time loop with each day being hardly different structurally.The so called progress or achievements also fall in the same matrix of predictability and compulsive routine.There is no real freedom as one is either a slave to one`s success or frustration.Real freedom is freedom from the known as krishnamurti always mentions in his talks.Awareness is to to see that self is trapped and is a slave to becoming and in that lies the meaning of living .To go beyond the resentment of problems of daily life is a transformational change difficult to achieve.Like the protaganist its a long and arduos journey of self destruction before one finds that each day can be a different day. Each individual has to strike his chord of freedom to his life.Then its no more a groundhog day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If only... Lorenz Effect and Destiny

"If only one thing had happened differently: if that shoelace hadn't broken; or that delivery truck had moved momeBoldnts earlier; or that package had been wrapped and ready, because the girl hadn't broken up with her boyfriend; or that man had set his alarm and got up five minutes earlier; or that taxi driver hadn't stopped for a cup of coffee; or that woman had remembered her coat, and got into an earlier cab, Daisy and her friend would've crossed the street, and the taxi would've driven by. But life being what it is — a series of intersecting lives and incidents, out of anyone's control — that taxi did not go by, and that driver was momentarily distracted, and that taxi hit Daisy, and her leg was crushed." Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button

Would the destiny of Daisy been different if only ....? Life is a criss crossing conundrum as if a part of a holistic world wide web.Touch any part of the web and the entire web reverberates.Thats why they say that a a change in butterfly fluttering in rain forest can have a significant change in climate elsewhere.No exxageration, it is called as the Lorenz Effect.Lets see what wikipedia says:
The butterfly effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. This is sometimes presented as esoteric behavior, but can be exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position.The phrase refers to the idea that a butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. While the butterfly does not cause the tornado, the flap of its wings is an essential part of the initial conditions resulting in a tornado.

Comong back to Benjamin Button would Daisy`s destiny been different if there was a small change in initial condition? How would our personal destiny changed if only ... small insignificant things in the past had panned out differently? A very interesting question with no definite answer as we are in the realm of speculative scenario in the world of uncertanity.However one can guess.Life can be assumed to have a varied set of circumstantial probabilities.Each scenario will result into a different outcome for sure.The external variation can be huge but does it really matter? For instance under a particular scenario the person happens to be a successful surgeon, falls in love with his collegue who eventually is unfaithful to him and he eventually messes up on a surgery with a huge suit against him.If only things were different and lets assume he meets with an accident whilst going for his exams and therefore he would not have become a surgeon and instead would have become realtor with no steady income. Lets assume he lives under the burden of regret of not being able to pursue surgery.He marries a very understanding wife who supports him enough to salvage his self esteem and eventually he wins a huge lottery which enables himto pursue flying which was his passion .In both the scenario lady luck is playing a part in case one by averting an accident to enable him to be a surgeon and in another case by bestowing a gamble winning.The pros and cons of the alternate scenario are never known to us even though as humans we are wired to beieve the brighter side of a hypothethical situation and highlight the poorer side of existing situation.Surgeon or failed realtor are two of the many probabilities that are embedded on the path of life .Ultimately how you weave the tapestry of life under a given situation is all matters.What you make out of given circumstances and live according to that reality is destiny.In that understanding is the richness of life.In that understanding lies contentment.Live your life of dream in a continuum and not in only if scenario because only if is probable and hence unreal.What is is reality and certainty.Meaning of life is in its present reality and not in alternate probability.
In the hilarious movie Bedazzled devil comes in the form of seductress Liz Hurley and gives seven wishes to the protagonaist who is a loser in life.He signs a contract with devil to trade his soul for his seven wishes.He gets what he wants alongwith situation he doesnot want inall the seven scenarios. In the end he begs the devil to release him from his contract and finally discovers his true self and wins his self esteem in his present circumstances.

In the end it is zero sum for what alters reality for one favourably may alter unfavourably for someone else or still further may alter reality in further future in an entirely different manner to the same person. Carrying the speculative scenario further if only the shoelace was not broken Daisy would have not met with accident .Benjamin would not have come to see her and they wouldnot have had a wonderful daughter. Only if ........

Monday, March 2, 2009

Healing Through Regression

A Case Study by Trutz Hardo in his book The Great Handbook of Reincarnation.

A Case Study
Michaela is in her late thirties and works as an alternative therapist. For many years, she has been suffering from an extreme case of arachnophobia. Michaela feels compelled to leave a room if she discovers even the smallest of spiders.She has undergone several therapies of varied type without any lasting success. She finally came to me for training as a regression therapist. In the course of these classes, I deal with the symptoms of trainees for the purpose of illustration.
What are you wearing on your feet?
I am not a human being, I am a grasshopper.
(On the whole, it is very unusual that a "victim life" dates back as far as an animal life. It is possible that the deepest reason for many spider phobias can be found here.)
Experience your most beautiful feeling as a grasshopper.
I can cover a long distance in one leap. I can see everything when I am up in the air.
Now see yourself during the biggest leap you have ever taken, full of joy. What do you feel?
It's beautiful, full of lightness and ease.
And how are the others? Do you sometimes have a jumping competition?
I don't have any contact with other grasshoppers.
What do you enjoy most in your life as a grasshopper?
Jumping around, eating.
What's your favourite food?
Parts of plants.
What kind of plants do you like best or what parts of plants?
I don't know the names. They have different colours and lie on the ground.
What do you do at night? Do you sleep?
It's not a real sleep, actually. I just rest. And when it gets cold, I am all stiff.
Do you rest during the daytime as well, or do you just keep on jumping?
No, I rest in the day as well, (particularly) in places where the sun shines, where it's nice and warm.
How many leaps do you make in a day?
I've never counted them. I guess it would be about five hundred leaps.
Are you male or female?
Do you have babies?
I lay eggs. I haven't laid eggs yet. All I know is that it is my duty to lay eggs.
Is there something like love for a male?
Have you copulated with a male yet?
Are you still a young grasshopper?
I will count to three now and you will experience your worst experience as a grasshopper. 1, 2, 3. What do you see?
I am standing before a very big spider web and I know that there is a very big spider behind it. I would like to get across it and I know that I can't… I somehow got caught up in it and I can't get out. There are all these branches. It is dark.
What are you doing now? Can't you somehow cut up the threads or gnaw them to pieces?
No, I am scared, I turn into the net.
And now comes the spider. How do you feel?
Is he biting you?
No no, he isn't biting me at all yet. I am not in the web yet. I only know that he is sitting there, waiting for me.
And now walk into the spider's web, no matter what lies in store.
I won't go in there.
What are you doing now?
I am sitting there and want to get away from it.
You know what? I am an invisible spirit and I'll take you by my hand. And then we'll go into the web together, and you are over and done with it. I will now count to three. And suddenly you are in the spider's web. 1, 2, 3. What is happening?
I am stuck there. (The client is sobbing)
And how does it feel? Describe it to me, go into the feeling.
I am afraid. I try and defend myself. And the more I thrash about, the more I get myself caught in the web.
And can you see the spider yet? Is he coming?
I feel him coming. Now I can see him coming. He's got fat black feet, all hairy.
And I am counting to three now, and then you are over and done with it all, since you have died and can see everything in retrospect.1, 2, 3. You are dead now. You are fine again, for you are over and done with it all and you know now what has happened. Just describe very calmly what has happened.
The spider bit me. But I wasn't dead. He only bit me so that I won't move any longer. He then wrapped me up and then I couldn't move at all. I can't breathe any longer. And then he's dragging me away in a cocoon or something and hanging me up.
And when have you eventually died?
A couple of hours later.
And now you have died. Where are you now? How do you perceive yourself?
As some kind of energy.
And do you feel all liberated now?
Why don't you look back now on what has happened. Are you offended that the spider killed you?
Yes, the spider was insidious. He has been waiting for me and taken advantage of the fact that I had no way out.
But now you are free. Now you are this energy. Follow this energy. What are you doing? Where are you going? What's happening to you?
I am still looking at the situation at the moment. I am relatively emotionless inwardly. I don't mind much watching that.
Basically the spider has carried you back into this wonderful energy state in which you feel very happy. Can you feel this sense of well-being in this energy state?
I feel balance, harmony and light.
And would you now say that you feel a lot happier than you felt as a grasshopper who, after all, was exposed to many dangers?
More well-balanced.
And you will be all right from now on. You are now protected and safe within this energy. You no longer feel threatened and may live this sense of freedom to the full from now on. Do you feel happy in this state now?
Yes, but I would quite enjoy leaping among the flowers again.
Why don't you try leaping among the flowers as energy. You can do it, can't you?
Hmm. (nodding assent)
Now imagine yourself as a grasshopper who can jump around as before and experience all those beautiful feelings without there being any danger for you. You are even able to leap through the spider's web since it can't hurt you anymore.
I am leaping onto the spider's back now.
And suddenly you are before the cloud gate with your Higher Self again. You remember everything. And you are asking the HS: Why did I have to experience that cruel death by that spider as a grasshopper? Why? What does the HS say?
It was my duty to serve as food for that spider.
So you are seeing a normal natural cycle, where someone needs to live on something else and where one has to serve to feed others. This is another kind of destiny in life. Ask the HS. What does it say?
The spider is no malefactor. It is his function to live on flies, insects, grasshoppers and other animals. He has no choice. The spider as such might be a really wonderful and loving animal, but he has to eat and carry out the function of his programming which involves feeding on other animals. He's got no choice.
But he is so insidious.
Yes, because he is probably aware that this is the only way for him to get his food. He must be insidious since otherwise he might starve to death. Can you see that?
... (no answer)
He has to be insidious. He has to build his web in secret so that he will get his food, since if he made it quite openly in broad sunlight, every insect would see it and think: "No, I certainly won't go in there." And they would swerve out of the web's way and the spider would have to starve to death. As you can see, the spider has to be insidious, to use your words, in order to even survive. It is his destiny to be insidious. Can you see that?
Hmm. (nodding assent)
In the same way the plants might say that they are afraid of you because you eat plants. But it is their destiny to be eaten by grasshoppers and other animals. Can you see that?
Hmm. (nodding assent)
And can you see that it is equally the destiny of grasshoppers and other insects to serve as feed for the spider?
And you can also see that basically the spider per se isn't evil. He is, as he has been created. Yes, basically you can absolve him from any blame. Could you absolve the spider from any blame?
I can absolve him from the blame that he has eaten me as a grasshopper.
And the HS leads you into another life now that also has to do with your spider phobia. 1, 2, 3. Now you are there. Where are you?
I just see myself as a human being lying somewhere in a hole and there are a whole lot of big spiders.
Who are you?
I am a captive young woman somewhere. I can't make out much at the moment. They tied me up in any case and chucked me in there. And there is a whole lot of spiders in there who got a fright. Or are they hungry? I don't know. There's a whole lot of them in any case. And I do die very fast then as well. Oh, that hurts!
Go into your feelings. Where do they bite you?
Are you all alone in that hole?
Yes. (weepy)
I will now count to three, and you will be where you were three days before, before you got into that hole. 1,2,3. Tell me, what's your name?
How old are you?
About 17.
Jeanette, tell me about your life. Where and how do you live? Where is your home? Look at your home.
I am not at home, I am in a foreign country.
What country are you in?
There are some aborigines. They don't understand me. They captured me. I was on the way with others. They took me prisoner and sentenced me for some thing or other. And the others, I don't know where they are. They have taken them away. They sentenced me to something and I don't understand their language.
Who are those others who have come with you to that place? What country do they come from?
From France.
And how did it come about that you went to that country where there are those aborigines?
We made some kind of expedition and I had been invited to participate. I am not sure but I think my father was part of it and a few other people wearing pith helmets.
How do the people look where you are now?
Small and black-haired. Dark skin.
And did they capture all of you or just a few?
They took everyone prisoner and took the others away.
Do you know where they took them?
What did they do to you?
They undressed me and bound me hand and foot after pronouncing the judgment, and took me away. Not in the jungle, but outside of it. It's like a steppe, like, it's gravelly close by. Kind of stony hills.
And there is a big hole, and the critters are in there.
Did they throw you in there deliberately, knowing that you will be killed by the spiders?
The spiders you are seeing, are they small or big? Describe them a little.
They are big, huge, in fact.
Are they tarantulas?
They are tarantulas or bird spiders or..., I don't know. They're huge ghastly things.
Can you mash up or smash some of them?
I can't, I am tied, don't you know. I have probably fallen onto some of them, 'cause I can feel them below me as well.
I will count to three now and it will be all over then. You will have died then, Jeanette, and you will be seeing everything from a different perspective. 1, 2, 3. How do you feel after your death? Describe it a little.
I feel relieved to have gotten out of that hole.
What's happening next with you, Jeanette? Is anybody there?
Not a soul up to now. I am still hovering above the hole and looking at everything.
What's happening next?
Light. I am going into the light. I am floating. I feel somehow attracted by the light.
Go into it.
Yes, I am floating into the light and I am feeling an incredible amount of love. And I can feel other beings, but I can't distinguish anything properly.
Do you meet at some point anybody from the group which had gone to that country with you? Is somebody there?
And suddenly you are before the gate again with your HS, and you remember everything you've experienced. And now ask your HS: "Why did I need to experience all that, what is the reason? Why did I have to be killed by spiders?"
I had someone killed by animals once myself.
And the HS takes you by the hand and you are gliding along this wall of clouds. You are stopping before a gate now. And you know when this gate opens that you will be in the lifetime which holds the reason for the fact that you had to experience that spider death at that time as Jeanette with the aborigines. And when I have finished counting to three, you will be one day before the day which holds the reason for your spider death. 1,2,3. You are there now. Look at your feet to see whether you are barefoot or wearing footwear.
I am wearing sandals.
What other clothing are you wearing?
I am in Rome.
Why don't you tell me who you are and what you do generally.
I am the wife of a rich Roman citizen.
What's your name?
... (no reply)
The first letter is coming now, it's suddenly there, 1,2,3.
And the next one, 1,2,3.
And the third letter is coming now. And suddenly you know your full name.
Pina or something like it.
I will call you Pina for the time being, and perhaps the entire name will come back to you later. You are the wife of a Roman citizen. Are you very well-off?
What does your husband do for a living?
He's a government employee.
How do you live?
Do you have children?
How old are you?
In my early thirties.
Do you feel happy in your life as Pina?
Good. I am a highly influential person.
What does your influence apply to?
My husband and our family are highly respected within the state government.
Does your husband hold a rather high post with a lot of responsibility?
Pina, I will now count to three, and you will be in an important event one day later.1,2,3. What do you see?
I am in a kind of circus, a kind of arena, at the top where the people stand. I am looking forward to it, there will be some Christians brought in shortly. I have urged my husband to arrange for them to be torn by the lions. I am looking forward to it, it is sure to be fun.
Are there many people in that arena?
And does this spectacle take place in a large circus? Is it the "Circus Maximus" by any chance?
The circus isn't that big, well, to me it doesn't seem that big.
Is this one of several arenas?
Does your husband have anything to do with it? Is it he who gives the orders who or what will be brought before the crowd?
They weren't even people that I knew. They were simply prisoners.
And now you see the prisoners coming. What is happening? Describe it, please.
They are frightened, extremely frightened and some of them cling to each other.
And what's happening next?
Everybody is pleased and shouting that the lions should be finally let out.
What is happening? Are the lions coming out?
They are stopping first and sniffing the air.
What do you feel when you suddenly see these people exposed to the lions, and the lions pouncing on them and devouring or killing them?
Eager expectation, suspense and excitement.
Are there something like bets or wagers or something?
That's what the menfolk do, I got nothing to do with that.
Are you seated beside your husband?
And what's his reaction?
He might have seen it too often. Is it the first time for you to see such a thing?
No, but I like it every time anew.
Do you feel a certain appeal and thrill to see it? How many times have you been to the arena before?
Five times.
And the people around you, how do they react? Are they shouting anything?
They are cheering the lions. And it doesn't take long at all. The people down there are running a couple of steps, scream and fall to the ground, some of them are beginning to pray. But the lions are upon them in a flash and bite.
How many lions do you see?
Are they male or female?
And how many prisoners are in the arena?
Seven or eight.
Are they adults or children?
Men or women?
And after I have been counting to three, you will be suddenly before the cloud gate again with your Higher Self. 1, 2, 3. You are now before the cloud gate with your Higher Self. And the HS leads you to the MOUNTAIN OF KNOWLEDGE and says, "Dear Michaela. From this mountain, you are seeing all four lives beneath you. You are overlooking your life as a grasshopper who lost her life in the spider's web. You are seeing the life as Pina in Rome who was fascinated to watch the death of Christians in the arena. And you are seeing your life as Jeanette who was thrown into the spiders' pit as well as your present life as Michaela. Tell me what do you realize presently?
I think I'd better leave aside the spider and the grasshopper since I suppose I really only served as food there.
Look at the two lives as Pina and Jeanette then.
I enjoyed the fact that other people were being terrorized. I even saw to it that such public events were staged. These people were frightened and I gloated over and feasted my eyes and revelled in seeing them that way.
Can you see now that you had to suffer a similar fate in your life as Jeanette? While not being killed by lions, you had to die in just as cruel, though different fashion. Basically you might be grateful to the spiders for having procured you the karmic balance, since the law of karma required that you experience this karmic adjustment. While not being thrown to the lions, you still had to suffer a similar fate, even if in different guise. The fear the prisoners experienced in the arena at the lions' approach, you had to feel in a similar manner with those spiders approaching you. The spiders were used to enable you to experience this karmic balancing. In fact, you may be grateful to the spiders who allowed you to finally offset your karma. They helped you to free yourself from this karmic entanglement. Yes, the spiders have done you a good turn, basically. Can you see it the same way?
And now, what other realizations do you have? Look at those Africans who took you prisoner at age seventeen and who threw you into the spiders' pit. Basically they have helped you, since they allowed you to make up for your karma. And the chances are that the others who were with you and were taken prisoner with you were given the opportunity to compensate for karma as well. It wasn't by chance that you came to Africa, since it was intended that you receive a karmic settlement upon this journey for something that had transpired in the past - as simple as that. Can you see it the same way?
The HS hands you a chalice now and says: Dear Michaela, this golden chalice holds a golden liquid which is capable of healing anything. It is also the drink of forgiveness. And it is able to give love and to dissolve feelings of guilt.
And now go to the spider first in your life as a grasshopper. Stand before him and say, "Dear spider, I don't reproach you for anything", or, if you'd like to put it another way, "I forgive you..." or "I forgive you with all my heart for what you have done." Would you like to say it that way?
Say it then.
Dear spider, I forgive you what you have done to me at the time when I was a grasshopper.
And now return to that life as Jeanette and hand some of this drink to those spiders in the pit and say then, if you wish, "I forgive you all you have done to me." For they enabled you to experience your karmic balancing. You may now, if you like, forgive those spiders who have killed you and hand them the golden drink. Would you like to say now, "I forgive you, dear spiders, with all my heart."?
I forgive you spiders with all my heart.
Say it three times.
I forgive you....... (2x)
And now, knowing that all had to happen to enable you to attain karmic settlement, go with that drink to that aboriginal population who took you prisoner and who threw you into that spiders' pit. Hand them the drink and let them partake of it. And if you like, tell them, "I forgive you with all my heart what you have caused me."
I forgive you with all my heart what you have caused me.
I forgive you with all my heart what you have caused me.
And again.
I forgive you with all my heart what you have caused me.
And suddenly you find yourself before Pina who had feasted her eyes on human beings being torn to pieces by lions. And you now realize from a higher perspective that as Pina you were bound to charge yourself with blame and acted against your conscience by passionately revelling in others being killed. Later on, however, you felt remorseful. By developing a sense of guilt, an important process of understanding was set in motion. For in retrospect these feelings of guilt resulted in your striving to free yourself completely of this inner guilt you had loaded yourself with, when you as Pina offended against brotherly love by revelling in lions tearing human beings to pieces. As far as her inner love development was concerned, that Pina was very young. Basically you may realize that Pina - as far as her ability to love was concerned - is a pitiable person. In fact, do you think you could take pity on her?
No, not pity, but understanding.
On this understanding, could you forgive Pina her wrongdoing now, even though she took pleasure in atrocities? If you like, you may say now, "Dear Pina, I am handing you this drink. Drink from it so that you may recover completely. I now release you from all guilt that you loaded yourself with at that time."
Dear Pina, with this drink I release you from all guilt that you had loaded yourself with at that time."
And again.
Dear Pina ...
And again.
Dear Pina ...
And now go to those who have been torn to pieces before your very eyes. You are standing before them, handing them the chalice and, if you so like, ask their forgiveness by saying, "Please forgive me for having gloated and rejoiced over your being torn to pieces."
Please forgive me for having gloated over your suffering.
Please forgive me for having gloated over your fright and your suffering.
And all of a sudden you are with your HS again. And the HS says, "You see, dear Michaela, you have come to fully realize the connections and have become consciously aware of the things you had been unconscious of so far. And having gained this conscious awareness you may now free yourself of everything that has settled in your unconscious mind regarding your spider phobia.
Here, take this big PINE CONE into your hand. Now fill it with your fear of spiders, fetching it out of your inner being like a black mass." And while you're doing this, say three times over: "I am freeing myself of..." But do say it yourself what you'd like to free yourself of now.
I free myself from my abnormal fear of spiders.
And again.
I free myself from my abnormal fear of spiders.
And again.
I free myself from my abnormal fear of spiders.
And now this pine cone is stuffed to the hilt. And your HS kindles a fire of light before you and asks you, dear Michaela, to put this cone with your spider phobia onto it. And you are complying. And you suddenly see the cone dissolving, and you know that the cone with the spider phobia is changing back into the original, primeval energy of love. Now it's completely dissolved and you are feeling a sense of great liberation. A tremendous burden, something that was a strain on you and pulled you down has been taken from you. Yes, you are free from this spider phobia now and are able to say three times in a very loud voice, I am free of...
I am free of my abnormal fear of spiders. (3x)
From now on, your spider phobia will have vanished once and for all, for you have shaken it off for good. Whenever you see a spider from now on, you will keep completely cool and calm, and you might even take hold of it without feelings of disgust.
And the HS produces a STAFF OF LIGHT and wraps you up from head to toe in a white light of pure love. And that light enters, penetrates and permeates you. All your inner being is being filled with this total love. It is a wonderful feeling. Savour it. Charge yourself completely with this total love.
And suddenly you are in that bed of clouds...
Having come back from the alpha state at the end of the therapeutic regression, Michaela had to rush to the toilet. In the seminar pause which followed she walked into the garden to get some fresh air. She saw a medium-sized spider, took it between her fingers and put it on her face. The spider ran straight across it. Her spider phobia had disappeared and her therapy had taken approximately one and a half hours.
Half a year later I called on Michaela in her practice in Southern Germany. She told me that just the previous day she had discovered a spider in her window box, taken it between her fingers and put it out into the garden...