Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Because Krishnamurti Said So


Freedom is not in becoming.Freedom is being.Not because J.Krishnamurti said so.It is so damn obvious.Only a brain dead cannot see it.

Where does the real freedom lie? Does it lie in choice? What is real freedom and how is it obtained?.Scriptures talk about reality and illusion and how man is a slave to his illusions.Krishnaji talk about real freedom as freedom from known .To ordinary people like us either there is irreverence to such words with no meaning whatsoever or there is a reverence borne out of tradition for such a concept.Because it is said so and it sounds good or respectful there must be some truth in it.Scarcely do we endeavour sincerely ourselves to delve in the significance of such words or test the hypothesis ourselves by closely watching it step by step, moment to moment in our daily life.
Firstly, we need to define freedom.There is almost a contradiction in what we say as freedom and what actually freedom is. For instance we feel affordability to spend or ability to dominate or respectful position in society as freedom.To some being their own boss or a general flexibility in life is freedom.To most ability to choose is freedom.However in all such defined freedom there is a compulsion.If we observe very very minutely there is a compulsion to act in a particular manner.For instance action based on desire to achieve something, most of the time tangible materialistic accumulations.Or else there is ubiquitous demand to win societal approbation.A self cherished position in the heirarchy in any given structure such as school,university,jobplace and so on.Every step we take , every breath we take is motivated most of the time towards self enhancement.Is being a servant to self aggrandising freedom? There is after a while in human life a monotonous ,boring repetetive life driven by a strong propelling force thrusting oneself into an upward spiral of society.Either one is aspirant and a slave to those aspirations or one has reasonably achieved and is a slave to maintain it or enhance it further.
It is so involuntory, so addictive , so compulsive and so deeply ingrained in the DNA that one is oblivious to the fact that day by day we are ceating our prison brick by brick.In that prison is imprisoned our true freedom.Unfortunately despite a lot of trauma that it brings people are attracted to live a bonded life for the apparent comfort and momentary pleasures.Therefore despite understanding that happiness cannot be a function of external variables the lure of trap is huge.Almost like the force of gravity.In the allegorical movie Matrix, the charecter Cypher who is a freedom fighter having come out of illusory world of Matrix,gets tired and yearns to go back to the unreal world of matrix.He says" Ignorance is Bliss" when betrays Neo their leader to Agent Smith, the machine simulated perpetrator.Therefore the path to real freedom is fraught with initial hardship especially as a human we are conditioned by birth and society to respond in a particular manner which is habit forming response.Only a very very attentive choiceless observation reveals in its true naked (un)glory the motivations of self.How there is a constant pressure to perform, to achieve, to compare, to compete and to win.Is action based on winning a freedom or action driven choicelessly by carefree being not wanting to prove anything real freedom? It is in flying like jonathan livingstone seagull.It is soaring high with no nobody above or nobody below though every body is around . It is racing in life with nobody .The winning post is not set by anybody.There are no benchmarks in that heaven of freedom in the land of dream.
There is a zen koan about a master who is hit by a stick on the street by a mischiefmonger.The master gets up and offers the mischief monger his stick back.The followers are astounded.This is the mind of a sage: not choosing,not asking,not saying this should be and this shouldnot be.Whatsoever happens he accepts it in its totality.This acceptance gives him freedom.This acceptance gives him the capacity to see.These are I diseases: shoulds, should nots.divisions,judgements,condemnations and appreciation.
Freedom is not in becoming .Freedom is being.Not because krishnamurti said so.It is so damn obvious.Only a braindead cannot see it.

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