Saturday, April 6, 2013

J.Krishnamurti : Key Thoughts

  •   Life: It’s like a river, endlessly moving on, ever seeking, exploring, pushing and overflowing its banks.

  •   Relationship: It’s a mirror in which you see yourself. In relationship, conflicts arise as two individuals are not relating but their images about themselves and each other, relate.
  •  Observer is the observed: An insight that thought and the thinker are the same. That thinker appears separate due to inattention and that it’s an illusion.
  •  Mutation of brain cells: When there is insight that observer is observed then the behaviour of brain is altered. The pattern of brain cells mutate to yield a new mind.
  •  Choiceless awareness: It is a state of awareness in which there is no chooser who judges or condemns. There is non-judgemental observation.
  •  Meditation: it is a state of no mind in which the meditator is absent. There is no recognition of a centre called "me". It’s a state of being and nothingness.
  •   Total freedom: There is no partial freedom. When the centre called "me" dissolves there is total freedom. “Me” is the psychological being- The conditioned self. In the state of total freedom man is not a slave of past. Its freedom " Known."
  •  Insight: It’s a flash in a state of mind in which thought is absent. There is immediate perception and action without any intervention of "me".
  •  Conditioning: Layers of identity created from birth and accumulated by knowledge, experience and stored in memory. It gives birth to the psychological "me". It includes our likes, dislikes hurts insults, pride, Self image etc. Its the "known" in which man lives.
  •   Security and fear: The conditioned self always seeks continuity of existence and fears its loss of identity. 
  •  God: It is not a concept or imagination. It is creation.
  •  “You are the world”: When you change, the world changes. Consciousness
    is contagious and society is not different from the individual constituents.
    Change begins within oneself.
  •   Love and compassion: Love cannot be cultivated. Along with compassion it
    exists when the sense of  limited self is dissolved. 

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