Monday, February 7, 2011

Krishnamurti and Quantum Mechanics

It was krishnamurti who in his teachings talked about observer is observed. This does not mean as an uninitiated may quickly jump to conclude the same as identifying oneself with a physical object. It is about pure observation or choiceness awareness in which self as judge is absent and there is silent witnessing to one's thoughts. We shall see in a little while what exactly is observer is observed and also validate it further in the light of modern-day physics now referred to as Quantum Mechanics. First some concepts in quantum mechanics . As against classical physics known as Newtonian physics today the worldview is different. It is no more an absolute objective world with objects having absolute existence irrespective of observers.Reality is what we make it in our experience through our participation. This is because at the microscopic level subatomic entities are probabilistic existence. They can be either particle or wave depending on observer. The interference of observer by measuring or participative observation a subatomic entity becomes a reality. Till then it is in a state of possibility. According to Heisenberg it is between possibility and reality.

What it means that the physical substantive world as we see it and feel it is possible because we experience it . Reality is our experience. It does not exist outside our experience. Towards this viewpoint physicists conducted various experiments with two main ones being the Double slit experiment and the Schrodinger's cat. These experiments prove that subatomic entity is both a particle as well as wave. It is a potential state . A photon which is the minutest subatomic entity becomes a particle if we try to measure it . It is also a wave if left uninterfered . Thus if there is an observation the observed entity undergoes a change. Reversely if unobserved the behaviour of photon is entirely different. So the question arises whether photon exists independent of us. There goes a very famous zen kaon " there is a thud sound in a forest where there is nobody. Did the sound exists independent of any listener?In fact even we exists in relation to creation around us. We take a break from quantum mechanics here to go back to krishnamurti'steachings. Subsequently we shall connect the dots..
According to krishnamurti observer is observed. In his words" the very thing you observe-the very thing that is being observed undergoes a radical transformation if there is no observer. We don't change fundamentally as human beings because we have divided the observer from the observed. So there is no fundamental change. But there is fundamental change radically and at great depth when the observer is observed. When there is only pure observation. Then that which is being observed undergoes a radical change because there is no naming it,no conclusion about it ,no abstraction, no escape."It is pertinent here to know that observer is an agglomeration of self image put together by thought. It consists of our likes,,dislikes,hatred,jealousies,envy,violence pride etc. When this observer separates itself from it's images it assumes a solid identity. In the process it gives energy to what is being observed such as fear, greed, envy regrets,sorrow etc. but in reality the observer itself is fear etc. So is it possible for the observer to see that it is nothing but the observed and not a separate phenomena? Because if he can see the illusion of fictitious observer then his observation undergo a change. Then there is just choiceless observervation sans observer. It is here a miracle happens. When there is pure observation the things being observed undergo a change. Man's fear or anxiety or jealousy undergo a change. There is no observer to revitalise or energize it. This leads to radical transformation and man experiences real freedom. Since there is no observer there is no conflict between the observer and what he ideally wants to be. There is state of pure existence. Choiceness awareness with no observer to wallow in sorrow or suffering..
Back to quantum mechanics. It says we actualize our reality. An observer creates an observed existence. Without observer the observed entity is a mere potential. It is like a particle as well as a wave. Similarly when we observe as an observer we enhance our fears and negativities. When we observe without the interference of self obsessed observer then the observed traits undergo a change. They dissipate giving rise to choiceless awareness.. Remember if we observe a photon is a particle and if do not it is wavelike. Similarly when observer realizes that he is not separate from the observed there is state of no observer. It is then uninterfered observation coined as choiceless awareness by krishnamurti.. The moment observer steps in the photon becomes particle or in case of man his fears become real. He loses his freedom and becomes a slave to his thoughts. Then anything is possible. Violence or envy can overtake him or he can be in a perennial state of agony. The moment the observer vanishes the brain undergoes a radical change. Then his actions are based on responses to situations and are no more reactions to his past. Like a photon ours fears are potentially ready to vanish if we do not observe as an observer. It is of course easier said than done. But not impossible.