Sunday, February 15, 2009


Life is a continuous process of self enhancements and warding off self dimunition.Most of the time either we are happy with enhancing outcomes or unhappy with diminishing outcome.This makes perfect sense but for a small caveat.The circumstances creating enhancements and diminution are not within our control.It is aptly said there is no designer world.Hence one man`s enhancements is some other man`s dimunition.Extended further human enhancement may be at the altar of environmental( relational) dimunition.Conflict is then inevitable..So what is the litmus test of ideal behaviour which is not at the expense of others?.How to devise win win situation such that there is overall enhancement and nobody`s dimunition.How to ensure that it is not a zero sum game.If there is no bible,no geeta ,no brahma sutra or no Tripitika then who shall give the code of conduct.Pre written code of conduct is subject to law of decay in proportion to time of evolution and depends on someone for interpretation and hence subject to dangers of subjectivity.Can it be that any act which is directly or indirectly a zero sum act is non conducive to human harmony and any act which is not a zero sum is mankind positive act.Then the law of non stealing,speaking truth,non envy, contented mindset may become possible.Then right behaviour is not a conformity to any edict nor is it a matter of faith but it becomes a self confirmed voluntory act of behaviour.