Sunday, November 9, 2008

choiceless awareness

Choiceless awareness cannot be practsed.That very act negates choicelessnesss.It happens spontaneously when the so called self or being is not in the state of becoming.In the state of becoming there is need for acievement.It falls in the Maslows pattern of need heirarchy, viz. a rising pyramid of needs starting from basic to highest form of self esteem or recognition..In ancient times astavakra said "Burn the forest of ignorance with fire of certitude that I am non dual and pure consciousness.abandoning sorrow and bliss.All which have form is false.The formless is changeless.Knowing this truth there is cessation of birth.

Emancipated minds neither desires nor grieves.neither accepts nor rejects.It is independent of cravings and aversions.Thats liberation

Choiceless awareness is a state where there is no striving.Efforts mean existence of self and is paradoxical to choiceless.

According to Sri Raman Maharshi" There is no necessity to see the self with another self.Observer is observed,indeed.

The challenge is not in understanding it but imbibing it as day to day activities lay a trap of pushing oneself into the state of becoming and thereby denying the bliss of (stressfree) joyful living.Joyful living is perhaps not an objective or a desire but a natural state for in that state living precedes desire.

Does one stop becoming by denying and living a life of ascetic or one lives life to its potential and yet manages to escape the trap of becoming.And more importantly not forsaking ambition because it is unachievable (sour grapes) but because one realises that it is an addictive trap strengthening pseudo self till it becomes a rock solid entity.Sucn an entity would always be in a state of wanting.In a state of discontent.In a state of proving .In a state very susceptible to insult.In a state of living upto an image .In living a second hand life as Ayn Rand would put it to describe the charecter of Peter Keating against the protaganist Howard Roark.If on the contrary one is in a state of denying it again is not a choiceless existence as denying involves attempt.Moreover denying can lead to supression which is counterproductive and worse than ambition.Denying and becoming are two sides of the same coin.Pendulum swings between denying and becoming till the clock stops and it rests in the middle.Living and resting in middle ,a contradiction or an art?

Choiceless awarenesss is living and living with a flow.There is a direction and yet there is no compulsion.There is a destination and yet there is no fixed end by itself.It happens, so be it.It doesnot happen, so be it.Discontent doesnot have a room in such a state as whilst flowing there is no rigidity.There are no fixed milestones to achieve yet different goal post do pass by.

Somewhere there is a failure to understand that human mind is habit forming and addictive.Maybe thats how physiology works because mind needs brain as executer and maybe brain is subject to physical law of neurotransmitters.Maybe neuroscience can explain but a layman is not suppose to undestand it but maybe he has an opportunity to intutively realise it if he is attentive.Thus there is a constant possibility of falling in the trap of becoming or rather it is self feeding loop . Maybe thats why J.krishnamurti says that there is no gradual process.It is immediate because process involves time and is subject to self feedinf loop of achieveing and only way out is quantum leap out if the orbit.Now or never.

Neither Co-operate with it.
Nor confront against it
Observe mind
Watch it by being simply aware
Slowly it is subjugated
Lead your life thru unmotivated energy i.e. Action